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The Tuesday Night Utility League at Vineyards Golf Course held a “Have a good evening” on July 5 to mark the midpoint of his season.

George Allessi and Chris Kowalewski’s team recorded a 33 for a first-place finish that included Vineyards Golf Course shirts and a Basil’s gift bag at Fredonia.

The skins were won by the teams of Joe Polichetti and Bob Krzyzanowicz, Allessi and Kowalewski, and the team of John Taddio and Jason Jagoda.

Closest to honors were captured by Jaime Galarza (#5) and Chris Penfold (#9).

The June 28 regular season game saw birdies from Dan Alessi (No. 1), Tom McTigue (No. 5) and Jim Ellman (No. 9) earn skins with McTigue and Ellman also taking the closest honors of the spit ringing their birdies.

Regular league play is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.


Vineyard Golf Course Junior Golf Program

The Vineyards Golf Course will hold the Junior Golf Program from July 25 to July 28 and August 1 from 12:00 to 1:15 p.m. To register, call 716-672-7888 or stop by the clubhouse.


WESTFIELD — Gary Arnold’s 36 led in scratch scores and Brian Kinney’s 29 led in net scores during the Men’s League Post 434 Wednesday Night at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Arnold and Crow Beers were closest to the pin, Ryan Swanson was the prize hole winner and Brandon Johnston won a skin.

Gross: Ryan Swanson 37, Jon Espersen 38, Scott Jagoda 39, Ryan Lehman 39

Net: Arnold 31, Pete Miller 31, George Petrella 31, August Viele 32, Jack Kujawa 33, Espersen 33, Denny Titus 33

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