CHEERS! $225,000 ‘Shark Tank’ deal with Mark Cuban marked by black-owned wine brand in Dallas

Entrepreneurs know how complex their sales pitches have to be to win over customers. shark tank. While some came out in tatters, others left the tank with major investment deals.

husband and wife team Whitney and Chaz doors recently landed a $225,000 deal with investor “Shark” Marc Cuban after introducing their company, Wonder Wine, during an appearance on Season 14 of the show.

According The Dallas Morning News, Cuban, Dallas entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was impressed by the couple who wore shirts that read “Be Bold. Sip Different” while showcasing their North Texas wine business. Included in the deal, Cuban offered the investment for 15% of the capital of the couple’s start-up.

Wondry Wine, launched in 2021, specializes in cocktail wines infused with organic fruit extracts. The Gatezes have described their brand as a “reinvented, higher alcohol, fruit-infused wine collection.”

Cuban tweeted his excitement for the new Gatez partnership on social media.

“We promise to continue to pursue our dream of a more diverse society wine the industry and making the best, most innovative cocktail wines and creams…with a little help from our new friend @mcuban,” Wondry’s Instagram page wrote to thank its customers and followers.

The wines offer flavors such as Mango Citrus Twist, Peach in Peace and Sangria Especial. Customers also have the option of trying the brand’s cocktail creams, which are “a grown-up version of a milkshake” that can be served over ice, poured into coffee, or poured over ice cream.

Wonder Wine is available at Total Wine stores, Target and on the company’s website. Customers ordering from will receive a 25% discount shark tank sale while stocks last.

The couple appeared on shark tank during Season 14 Episode 6, which aired November 11, 2022.

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