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Vineyard at Oliver. (Quails’ Gate Vineyard)

Quails’ Gate Winery buys Stoneboat Vineyards site from Oliver

West Kelowna Vineyard has taken over the 30-acre site on the Black Sage Bench

A West Kelowna winery that has been at the heart of the community since 1956 is now partnering with a South Okanagan winery to carry on the legacy of family farming.

Three generations helped build Quails’ Gate Estate Winery and now he’s looking south to embark on a new adventure with the Martiniuk family, formerly Stoneboat Vineyards.

Quails’ Gate assumed responsibility for the Martiniuks’ 30-acre site on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver on May 19.

Tony Stewart, general manager of Quails’ Gate, said the estate will work with Julie and Lanny Martiniuk to ensure the longevity of the family business in the Okanagan.

Quails’ Gate hopes to use the region’s unique terroir and climate to produce Bordeaux-style reds and Syrah.

“As we prepare to take a step back from farming, we wanted to make sure that the next farmers who will care for and cultivate the land share the same philosophy and we believe that the Stewart family will ensure that this legacy lives on. “said Lanny Martiniuk.

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