Aldi Advent Calendars for the Holidays 2021: Food and Drink Gifts to Buy



Each year as winter approaches, Aldi offers a huge selection of advent calendars that make the perfect gift you can easily buy on your grocery run. What sets them apart are the options: there are calendars for the dogs and cats in your life, wine connoisseurs, cheese lovers (and trust us, the cheese at Aldi is amazing), and well sure, classic chocolate.

If you’re looking to make Aldi your one stop shop for holiday spreads and gifts, here are Food and Drink Advent Calendars you should add to your shopping cart and stockings. These calendars start rolling out on November 3 – which happens to be the day of the National Advent Calendar – and are still selling out, so plan your shopping accordingly.

2021 Collection Wine Advent Calendar ($ 59.99)

Whether you’re a fan of red, white, or something sparkling, Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar has it all. There are 24 mini mini bottles in this insanely heavy advent calendar, which is pretty enough to display while you drink until Christmas. Fancy a sauvignon blanc? You got it. A cabernet? Sure. Plus, if you want to throw out the tradition, you can always type in the 24 lockers and have a wine tasting with friends.

Café Barissimo Advent Calendar ($ 9.99)

It feels like the holidays are when we need coffee the most. There are parties, potlucks, baking, family affairs, and tough end of year times. So give the caffeine as a gift. This Advent Calendar features 24 single cups of 100% Arabica coffee to help you spend the end of the year in flavors like spicy eggnog, sticky cinnamon bread and apple pie.

Connelly’s 12 Day Irish Cream Calendar ($ 29.99)

If you are already giving coffee as a gift, you can also fully commit and get yourself this Irish Cream Calendar. This Advent calendar features 12 bottles of Irish Cream with holiday flavors like peppermint and sugar cookie as well as classics like hazelnut, cappuccino and original Irish cream.

Beer Advent Calendar ($ 49.99)

If you prefer beer to wine, Aldi has you covered. The beer calendar contains 24 bottles of beer from Germany, Ireland, the United States and Belgium. There’s something on the calendar for the IPA obsessive, the person who drinks only light beers, and even the sour connoisseur.

Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year ($ 29.99)

Once you’ve completed your regular wine advent calendar, it’s time to move on to the sparkling wine countdown. This Advent calendar includes seven bottles of sparkling wine from Italy, France and Spain and will help you celebrate the New Year with joy (s).

Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar ($ 14.99)

Cheesy advent calendars have really taken off in recent years and it makes sense. For those who don’t have a sweet tooth or abstain from alcohol, this is the perfect option to still feel festive while eating 24 pieces of cheese in a month. It’s a winning situation all around. This calendar includes aged cheddar, black pepper sprinkled gouda, red leicester and more. The hardest part will be to try not to eat everything at once.

Moser Roth Deluxe Chocolate Advent Calendar ($ 14.99)

Chocolate is an advent calendar classic for a reason. It’s nostalgic, it’s delicious, and sometimes it’s hard not to eat all 24 all at once, but we persevere. Aldi offers a selection of chocolate advent calendars, priced from $ 1.49 to $ 14.99. The Moser Roth Luxury is our choice, however, as you get 24 indulgent Belgian chocolates in a gorgeous pop-up box decorated with glittering gold letters.


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