Best WA wines to sip as a gift this Christmas, according to Perth’s top sommeliers


The holiday season calls for a serious bubble for toasting and celebrating, and this classic local method meticulously crafted by the Burch family is top notch! Uber-refreshing, simple and dangerously easy to drink… cracking value!

Vanya Cullen’s respect for sustainability and biodynamic cultivation is perfectly reflected in this French blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. A wine with a strong sense of belonging, well textured and mineral.

Think about a Christmas lunch here in the Down Under Land. Scorching sunshine, with a Barbie. Only one thing could give you a cooling breeze. A nice glass of iced cold rose ‘. Nigel Gallop has worked his magic in this wine: it is crunchy, spicy and tangy. Wonderfully expressive, dry and punchy.

If good old Santa had a wine cellar in his place and decided to have a drink after a busy day traveling the world delivering gifts, this wine would definitely be his favorite choice. Opulent, powerful and loaded with noble tannins. Maybe not your everyday wine, but that of special occasions. Phil Giglia made one of the best Cabernets in WA!

Sofia Giros’ Top Picks

Z1Z (Cooee & Indigo Oscar)

Tripe Iscariot Aspic 2020 Pink

Marguerite River | $ 32

This is the wine I could drink all summer! A Grenache-based ros̩ Рsmooth, full of flavor, complex, clean with a lovely hue. Another level, but still with the freshness of the fruit to make your mouth water.

Trait 2021 Grenache

Fergusson Valley | $ 39

I love Grenache in all its forms, from all regions. I love how this strain can easily show off its sense of place. I am particularly excited about this one. Bright, delicate and fragrant. Cool off for those hot days by the pool!

McHenry Hohnen Calgardup ​​Brook 2018 Chardonnay

Witchcliffe-Margaret River | $ 65

Chardonnay from a single vineyard produced in biodynamics, located just one block from the Indian Ocean. Crispy and salty, the perfect companion when sitting by the water. Dress it up with oysters and ceviche!

Frazer Woods La Cache Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2013 Sparkling

Marguerite River | $ 38

This traditional method sparkling wine, crafted by legend John Frazer, is a sophisticated wine full of fresh bread aromas with powerful fruit and delicious, lasting freshness. A godsend for such a well-made wine!

Swinney Farvie ’19 Grenache

Frankland River | $ 150

If you have any left in a bottle store this Christmas, run, don’t walk! Otherwise, be sure to sign up for the next version. This wine brings me home to Catalonia, awakens a feeling of nostalgia and reminds me of the best wines of Priorat! Powerful and fragrant, with an incredible perfectly balanced tannic structure with a succulent fruity expression.

Chris Tilly’s Top Picks

The Clarence Company Store

Vasse Felix “Idee Fix” Brut

Marguerite River | $ 47

Winemaker Michael Langridge produces sparkling Margaret River wine of impeccable quality, even against his French counterparts; and for a fraction of the price. 100% Chardonnay with extended time on lees and aging in the bottle. Seaspray, Flint, Toast and Crisp Apple jump off the nose with a pleasant citric acidity rounding the palate. Enjoy with your favorite fresh seafood, or my choice, grilled asparagus in béarnaise sauce.

Millbrook Fiano 2021

Jarrahdale and Margaret River | 25 $

A criminally underestimated wine, over-delivered with grapes from Margaret River. If your hip nephew teases you about drinking only Sauvignon Blanc; it is wine to impress them. The attention to detail in the cellar for this wine has produced a strong contender for my White Wine of the Year. Bright lemon, nashi pear and crunchy apple are enhanced by delicious bush honey with a round texture and refreshing acidity.

Blind Corner “New” Shiraz 2021

Marguerite River | $ 30

This wine contains all the buzzwords we love; Biodynamic, minimal intervention, vegan, all in a very tasty Margaret River red. Designed to be drunk immediately, not that you can resist opening it anyway. Bright sour cherries, violets and chewing gum assault the palate with a startling acidity that makes you want more. Place it in the freezer for 15 minutes before opening and serve slightly chilled.

Swan Valley Wines “Skins” Chenin Blanc 2021

Valley of the Swans | $ 36

One of the earliest orange wine champions in Perth’s backyard. Based on the estate’s vines planted in the 1940s. Fermented in Georgian qveri (large earthen eggs) and aged in French oak barrels. This unfiltered, unglued wine is wonderfully textured and aromatic. Cumquat jam on toast, lemon curd and passion fruit burst from the palate with a long finish that turns into subtle spices.

EVOI Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Marguerite River | $ 35

Nigel Ludlow is still one of Margaret Rivers’ top winemakers. Starting with 2 barrels of Chardonnay in 2007 and working as one man, he has become a force to be reckoned with. His Cab Sauv from the 2015 vintage is one of my stars. Blueberry, black olive, cocoa and tobacco stand out on the nose with a complex tannic structure that mingles with ripe fruit and French oak. Drink now or keep in the cellar until 2035.

Paola Arosio’s Top Picks

that of Willi

Idee Fixe Brut Rose NV Vasse Felix Winery

Marguerite River | $ 95

Chardonnay with a touch of Pinot Noir. Elegant, floral, taste of strawberry pie and blood orange. Perfect for toast during the holiday season and New Years Eve. Great alternative to classic brut blanc. Available at Willi.

South by South West Rose 2020

Marguerite River | $ 63

Small batch artisan winemakers based in the Margaret River area. A blend of Shiraz, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh and Bright Rose ‘with an incredible peach color. The sweetness of the fruit is counterbalanced by the crunchy mineral acidity. Perfect for hot summer days, ideal as an aperitif as a “starter” wine.

Vino Volta Funky And Fearless Chenin Blanc 2020

Valley of the Swans | $ 73

Old styles made new ways. Funky and Fearless is a crisp, fresh wine from the Swan Valley. Passion fruit and lemon, easy to drink and very refreshing for hot summer days. Good with or without food. Available at Willi.

My Everything Heydays Chardonnay 2020

Great Southern (Mount Barker) and Margaret River (Karridale) | $ 62

A 100% aromatic chardonnay that smells of jasmine and orange blossom. Perfect as a gift idea, you can never go wrong with a good Chardonnay, even though it is a white wine it has a fuller body so it is suitable for both white and red wine drinkers. Mon Tout uses a natural fermentation process with minimal intervention and all of their wines are hand picked and handcrafted here in WA.

Paul Nelson Karriview Pinot Noir 2018,

Scotsdale Valley, Great South | 105 $

Karriview is Denmark’s oldest vineyard and produces excellent quality fruit. It is a versatile pinot, very silky with a taste of spicy red fruits. Every time I pour this Pinot Noir to customers they always love it, good to share with friends with a nice cheese board especially now during the holiday season.

LAS Vino Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Marguerite River | $ 109

Cabernet Sauvignon + Margaret River = winning combo! This amazing Cabernet has a rich flavor, low acidity and good body. As you drink it, you taste dark and rich fruits like mulberry, black cherries and plums. Perfect with the classic Christmas “barbie”, this wine is biodynamic and organic. Available at Willi.

Sarah Atkinson’s Top Picks

The Rebel And Bar Rogue

Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

Frankland River | 40 $

Being Canadian and having English heritage in-laws here in Perth, we combine our love for a slow roast roast with the traditional Australian dish of shrimp, nuts and cold ham every Christmas. A riesling is perfect to accompany these dishes with its natural freshness, and we have so many amazing rieslings here in our backyard in WA to choose from. Frankland Estate Single Vineyard Wines really speak of where they came from and are wines that can be put aside for the future, one of the Single Vineyard bottles would be a great bottle to give as a gift.

Fraser Gallop Estate Parterre Chardonnay

Marguerite River | $ 44

We live in Chardonnay country, Margaret River is known for producing some of the best Chardonnays in Australia. I love the Fraser Gallop Parterre to drink because it has a fresh, mineral style (much like a Chablis). To gift, look for serious wines like Cullen ‘Kevin John’ or Vasse Felix ‘Heytesbury’ – both are special wines and can be aged for a few years to gain complexity.

2021 Nocturne SR Sangiovese Nebbiolo Rose

Marguerite River | $ 32

The rose goes perfectly with ham! Go for something with a little freshness – you can’t go wrong with French Provencal roses, but there are so many stunning roses available here in WA from some of the smaller growers and friends, such as Battles, Mon Tout, Dormilona, ​​Si Vintners, and more! You should expect to see a rotating list of these local producers on our roster at Bar Rogue, including the Nocturne rose on pour!

If you’re not sure where to buy your wine, check out all of Perth’s top bottle shops.

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