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Although the motorcycle industry is moving towards four-stroke hegemony, we still have smaller manufacturers, especially off-roaders, who preserve the pure gasoline of two-stroke engines. Raw power, insane torque, a unique throttle response that brings easy wheelies and, most importantly, a unique olfactory experience, are just a few of the many reasons why riding a more oil-thirsty motorcycle is worth it. worth it.

With a mission to deliver motorcycles geared towards enduro testing, Beta Motors is launching its flagship product with a series of modifications and following the engineering trends of the off-road market. The Xtrainer 300 is the brand’s midrange model that fills a very versatile niche: docilely serving novice riders, while still being able to deliver high performance, and a good set of suspensions that adequately supports more experienced riding. .

The model, in its 2022 form, takes a big step forward in engineering, and the brand is showing what it’s come for, not just by implementing graphic and design changes, a common maneuver for the market. current, but also by making the upgrade interesting.

The improvements permeate the engine and its internal components, the frame, the suspension and the electrical systems of the motorcycle; make exploring these new features a treat in itself.

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A look at the engine of the Xtrainer 300

Speaking of the engine, Beta didn’t hold back the design changes. The new engine of the Xtrainer 300 uses a new larger diameter piston, giving rise to a new larger bore cylinder. By keeping the displacement close to the old engine, the crankshaft has seen its radius reduced, which results in a shorter stroke compared to the old version.

In addition, the engine of the new Xtrainer is fitted with a power valve readjusted to its new working conditions, alleviating the lack of torque at low revs, characteristic of two-stroke engines slightly aggravated by the new shorter stroke. Added to the package, a new iridium electrode spark plug provides the ignition power necessary for the engine to take full advantage of its new features.

From the user’s point of view, it is plausible to expect a more lively engine at high rpm, as choosing a shorter stroke usually results in reduced first and second order imbalances, favoring operation. engine with less vibration. In other words, the new Xtrainer will have a more responsive engine, with smoother running and better sustained power at high revs.

The transmission also receives improvements: still fitted with a six-speed gearbox, the bike now receives a new diaphragm spring clutch. Compared to more traditional coil spring systems, diaphragm spring systems are more compact, support higher engine speeds with greater reliability, and ensure less pedal force required for the clutch to disengage, allowing more precise control of launches and reducing the effect of pilot fatigue. This upgrade completes the engine package of the new Xtrainer 300 – far from just a visual update.

Beta 300 Xtrainer Frame And Suspension


To accompany this beautiful Ravioli in the shape of a motor, what do we have? Wine. The best Italian wine. Which, in this case, translates into significant modifications made to the bike’s chassis by Beta. In the 2022 version, the bike receives a new adjustable 48mm Sachs suspension, which allows individual compression, rebound and spring preload to be adjusted, allowing for tool-free adjustment while riding.

The rear has also received Sachs’ attention and has been given a new 46mm piston which is 300g lighter than the previous version, and is designed to compensate for the variation in viscosity resulting from heating the oil. suspension, ensuring predictable operation and full control of the bike. In addition, its reservoir and the spring that equip the new rear suspension kit have been redesigned and have lost weight.

As for the frame, the already established perimeter frame of molybdenum steel with double split cradle above the exhaust port does not lose its place in the project, therefore, the wheelbase of 1457 mm and the frame weight remain unchanged.

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More upgrades and prices

Completing the upgrade package, the new company of Beta Motorcycles is equipped with a new starter, the company of which guarantees the ability to start the motorcycle under the most adverse circumstances. This, in addition to an improved layout of the motorcycle’s electrical system, adds significantly to the robustness of the design in terms of reliability and serviceability. Finally, but importantly, the model is also available with new graphics and new color schemes, but as we can see she is much more than just a pretty face.

With a complete overhaul of the powertrain, suspension and electrical systems, this modern 2-stroke champion will be ready to take on other off-road giants. The price listed in the United States is $ 7,999 at Beta Motorcycles USA. Official site, which places the XTAINER 300 in an interesting niche of motorcycles and able to make your buying decision a little more difficult.

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