You’ll want to copy the nostalgic aesthetic of this Brooklyn wine bar


I would say, ‘Why not paint directly on your walls?’ I think those details I added with the meandering arrows leading up to the roof and the painted flowerpot in the corner really gave the space a new dimension and only required the cost of painting.

The rooftop space is filled with matching vintage furniture and a collection of plants that hint at the feel of an outdoor patio somewhat overrun with New England.

Did anything go over / under your project budget?

We did a pretty good job of staying on budget, but there were definitely some unexpected costs that popped up along the way. The canopy to cover the rooftop bar for one, as well as the custom bar stools, but they were both integral to the space, and we made it work.

How long did the project last?

I came up with the name and concept about a year before COVID hit. In fact, we opened the company’s bank account and we were about to start the day before everything in town closed. We paused everything and restarted construction last winter. Initially, we had just planned to create the interior space this year and were going to build the component on the roof next summer, but, with the pandemic, we decided that we also had to integrate the exterior space, which I said. am very glad we did. . Working on the garden we built was one of my favorite aspects of the project.

“There’s an overall inconsistent retro theme, but, inside, there’s a lot more subtle commentary about travel, collecting, and connecting,” says Cerise.

Briana Balducci Photography

Arrows go up the stairs to the rooftop bar.

Briana Balducci Photography

Where did you find the major parts? Where do you like to shop?

Most of the small items, as well as the majority of the roof top furniture, came from antique stores and yard sales around New York City and Vermont. I am more of an antique / vintage buyer. It’s so much more fun to find something great when you have no idea what you’re about to discover. There’s this wonderful antique store in Chester, Vermont called the Stone House Antique Center, where I bought the dining table for the back corner, as well as the porcelain hand that’s in the cellar. wine. It’s a big space with different vendors, and I always come back with something worthwhile.

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