Yanmar unveils an autonomous winegrower robot



Yanmar has unveiled its new winemaker robot that offers many benefits for wine operations, including increased safety, productivity, cost savings and versatility.

YV01 is a self-contained spraying robot that can transform the way vineyards work and relies on the long-established and cost-effective YANMAR technology and quality.

Due to its light weight and compact dimensions, YV01 can go up and down slopes of up to 45% and will not compress soils in all weather conditions. In addition, it is easily transportable on a small truck or trailer, while carrying a high payload of spray fluids.

Using an advanced spray system, YV01 ensures that the vines are sprayed with precision with the exact amount of droplets, which means less spray fluids are needed

“YV01 offers state-of-the-art stand-alone technology and is flexible, lightweight and environmentally friendly as it provides very precise spraying on the vines,” said Peter Aarsen, President of Yanmar Europe. “It can be used safely and simply by a supervisor nearby and is ideal for vineyards that have narrow paths and where the vines are not tall. Particularly suitable for small winemakers, YV01 is also a perfect complement to larger machines that can be used in larger wineries. Through a combination of savings, increased productivity and increased workplace safety, YV01 can transform wine operations for small and large producers alike by lightening workloads and reducing costs.

The company’s electrostatic spray mechanism accurately and precisely sprays plants producing healthier, cleaner vines. The process produces a fine stream of electrically charged spray droplets which are attracted to the leaves of the plant so that all surfaces, even hidden ones, are treated and overspray is minimized.

Powered by a gasoline engine capable of extended use in the field, YV01 enters a test and evaluation phase with an announcement of the expected start of sales in fiscal year 2022.


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