Top 6 of the 6ix: Wines of the week – Winter spirits

As we finally start to entertain this holiday season, get inspired to bring out your inner mixologist with these exciting spirits that are perfect for cocktails, single servings, snowflakes and fireside conversations.

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Here are 6 winter spirits

Baileys Apple Pie

LCBO Baileys Apple Pie
photo: lcbo

Do you like Baileys with your apple pie? Well, your dream liquor is finally here. The Limited Edition Baileys Apple Pie is now available at the LCBO. Perfect for cocktails, hot toddlers and more, it’s a fabulous addition to your bar cart now and during the holidays.

Orange, Coffee and Cacao Gin Arts collective

photo: collective arts

Collective arts distiller Matt Howell designed this gin to be exciting and fascinating. This super unique gin is made with orange, coffee and cocoa, which makes the notes extremely familiar and yet also exotic when brought together in one profile. With darker notes of coffee beans and cocoa, the fresh citrus brought elegance and depth. It’s a perfect gin to experiment with for cocktails and to show off to gin lovers when you’re together (it’s a unique gift too). Don’t forget to serve it hot – try it in a cup of hot chocolate or espresso martini.

Forty Creek Faucet Room

LCBO Forty Creek Faucet Room
photo: lcbo

Forty Creek continues to innovate and has just launched a collaboration with Niagara’s first craft brewery, Bench Brewing. In this bottle, craft beer and craft whiskey come together for a spice, hop and bitterness profile paired with citrus and mint. How about the fact that it comes packaged in a growler which makes it unique in the whiskey category. Bench Brewing aged the beer in Canadian oak barrels that previously housed Forty Creek Confederation Oak whiskey, then the barrels returned to the distillery for use in secondary aging of the whiskey blend. Without using the 9.09% rule to add beer to the whiskey, the beer notes come only from the aging process and pass through the oak barrels – isn’t that cool?

Vodka Pierre Bleue CîROC

LCBO Ciroc
photo: lcbo

French grape vodka is my type! CÃŽROC gives your martini the ultimate luxury feel and for any wine lover this makes sense. The unique method of using French grapes and the fifth distillation gives CÃŽROC a distinctive flavor with an exceptionally fresh and smooth finish. Perfect for the bar cart, the mixologist and if you like variety there are plenty of flavors within the brand where you can be completely adventurous!

Rye Alberta Premium Cask Strength (2021)

LCBO Rye Alberta Premium Cask Strength (2021)
photo: lcbo

Alberta Distillers, Distillery of the Decade nominated by the 2020 Canadian Whiskey Awards, proudly announced the 2021 release of its Alberta® Premium Cask Strength rye whiskey. Premium quality cask strength from Alberta! Originally released in 2019, the 2020 version took the whiskey world by surprise, winning several notable awards, including Best Canadian Whiskey at the International Whiskey Competition. Proudly made in Calgary, AB from 100% rye sourced from local farmers. With notes of caramel and vanilla as well as spices, this whiskey is to be opened and shared with friends who love expertly crafted spirits. With limited quantities, the bottle is beautiful and the liquid is best enjoyed on ice in a nice glass.

Sweet Red Vermouth Martini

LCBO Sweet Red Vermouth Martini
photo: lcbo

Made by the legendary Luigi Rossi, it blended local plants to make this iconic vermouth. Although the exact recipe remains a well-kept secret for the house, the intensely herbaceous character of this sweet vermouth is the result of the assembly of carefully chosen wines with a complex selection of Italian herbs including sage, savory. and dittany, and exotic bittersweet woods. With comfortable aromas and versatility in its profile, this is a must-have for your winter bar cart. While vermouth was traditionally used for medicinal purposes, it was later served as an appetizer and later adopted by bartenders to create delicious cocktails like negroni. So grab a bottle and get creative!

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