The flu clinic administers all 400 vaccines


The Island-wide Seasonal Flu Clinic administered 400 flu shots on Saturday at the Oak Bluffs school.

According to Edgartown health worker Matt Poole, the clinic has been “very successful.” Only four cars were turned back at noon when the drive-thru clinic reached maximum capacity.

“The site setup worked well and the wait time was consistent and reasonable, with most people waiting in their cars for around 20 minutes,” Poole said in an email to The Times. “The entire three hours were stable and the three vaccination bays were occupied all morning. “

There is no other local health clinic scheduled for flu shots, but Island health care and Apothecary Conroy offer flu shots. Patients at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital can register for a flu shot through Patient Gateway or by calling the hospital at 508-693-0410.

Speaking later to The Times by phone, Poole said he would encourage everyone to call or go to pharmacies and local health care providers for information on how to get a flu shot. He said it was always important to get a flu shot regularly.

“As before the pandemic and just like the COVID-19 vaccine, it reduces the severity of the disease,” he said of the flu vaccine. “You may still have mild symptoms, but the likelihood of getting full-blown influenza when you are vaccinated is reduced. “

Poole said the clinic has shown how health officials can adapt to different settings around the island to offer flu shots.

“This is our first time using this site and we have enough experience to be able to adapt or model from one site to another,” said Poole. “We can set up a clinic in many places. “

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