Restaurant Oro reopens under Executive Chef Riccardo Canella

Venice is set to welcome the reopening of the only Michelin-starred restaurant, Oro, located at Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice tomorrow, Tuesday July 26th. Located on the beautiful island of Giudecca, the hotel is only a five-minute boat ride by free shuttle from St. Mark’s Square and is easily accessible via private boat from anywhere in Venice.

Executive Chef Riccardo Canella and his team are delighted to relaunch Oro, presenting their new menu celebrating Venetian produce and culinary culture. From the bounty of local seafood to exquisite artisan products from the surrounding regions, Oro offers an immersive Venetian dining experience. The elegant dining room, adorned with island Murano glass chandeliers, overlooks the canal on the quiet side of town, where the bustle gives way to the view.

Taking the reins of the award-winning restaurant, Chef Riccardo reconnects with his ancestors, Veneto, Italy, after a period abroad. From traditional Italian three-star Michelin icons to cutting-edge Nordic innovation, his professional journey has spanned some of the world’s greatest restaurants and food towns. Venice, with its long history of artistic creativity, is the perfect setting for chef Riccardo Canella’s cuisine.

Riccardo’s enthusiasm for natural, seasonal and often overlooked ingredients lends a sense of familiarity and context to his menu. At the same time, his goal is to enhance the flavor of every ingredient in every dish, delivering his expression of Oro, Venice, and one of La Serenissima’s most sought-after restaurants.

With his team, they offer two eight-course seasonal tasting menus, featuring hyper-local and regional producers. The dishes, though complex in their execution, appear simple and elegant in their presentation, with a heroic flavor clarity of the ingredients that speak to this diverse city steeped in history. Expect dishes like Ossi di seppia raw cuttlefish (from the Adriatic Sea) and rose oil, and a dessert based on Woodruff ice cream with oyster sorbet, blue cheese infused cream and tarragon oil.

Local seafood takes pride of place in the “Divenire” tasting menu, and the second menu is an equally complex vegetable-focused menu. Both feature produce from the hotel’s own fruit, vegetable, and herb garden.

The dishes reflect the beauty of the restaurant’s location, with its panoramic views over the waters of the city’s beautiful lagoon.

Fish and seafood from the Adriatic Sea play a considerable role in the menu and relationships with independent fishermen have been forged. Chef Riccardo says: “After searching for weeks, I finally found a fish buyer who only brings his fish to a few selected markets – now we have his catch in Oro. The last time I had such good fish was in Japan!

The curated wine selection includes over 800 labels and an extension of additional local wines that sit alongside vintage champagnes. Oro also honors cuvées chosen by Château d’Yquem as one of its 30 flagships around the world with an invitation to discover wine by the glass, or simply as an aperitif with a view of the lagoon. .

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