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Post Malone is more than a Grammy-nominated artist and new dad, he’s also the brains behind Maison No. 9 – the popular range of French rosé wines. But why did he want to get into viticulture?

Talk to high lifethe “Circles” rapper credited as an actor Mark Wahlberg – with whom he co-starred in Spenser — for inspiring his new venture.

“My first real wine experience and enjoyment came from drinking reds with Mark Wahlberg at his birthday party,” Malone said. “I got to taste a lot of really epic wines and that’s when I got hooked.”

post manager, Dr Londonjoined in helping him create House No. 9 after seeing him and Wahlberg tasting their wine.

“After watching him and Mark Wahlberg spend too much money on expensive wine once, I just thought, no, it’s time to tap into that market and do it,” London explained, adding that the two sank around $30,000 on the top shelf. . “Since Post Malone loves wine so much, let’s do some wine,” he added.

Dre and Post got together and decided to get into the rosé business because, at the time, there was “nobody attached to it.” The “Sunflower” singer added that he wanted to tackle rosé wine because “rosé is just fun.”

“Getting into wine is super daunting, so when we decided to take the leap, rosé seemed like the best place to start,” Post said, noting that he “also wanted to do something that everyone could to drink”.

“I’m super happy with what we’ve created and we also have a lot of awesome things to come,” he teased, adding that his brand is now expanding to at least six new countries.

You can find the stores that sell House #9 on their website.

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