Letter to the editor – Ramona Sentinel

Ramona murals disfigured

Like many of you in Ramona, I love seeing our murals on the commercial buildings along the main street. Our murals have a theme: HEART, an acronym representing Ramona’s unique characteristics (“H” for history and trekking, “E” for equine, “A” for arts, antiques and agriculture, “R” for rural views and walks picturesque, and “T” for Fine wine tasting).

There are little red heart icons hidden in each mural.

Many of you have probably noticed the recent damage to Charles Lindbergh’s mural on the Masonic Lodge building. Someone applied graffiti with black spray paint to the lower third of the mural. The Ramona HEART Mural Project, a registered nonprofit organization on a small budget, paid $ 6,000 to have it repaired.

Now the new Grand Kenilworth Inn mural on the Ramona Food and Clothes Closet building has been defaced. Someone smeared rubbery red grime along the mural for about 40 feet. It stuck with the paint and cannot be removed without damaging the wall paint.

Come on, Ramona, we’re better than this. Much effort is put into creating these murals for everyone to enjoy. Please encourage everyone you know to have respect for themselves, their community and the efforts of the people who create these works of art.

Also, if anyone has any information as to who is responsible for these acts, please let the sheriff’s department know.

Rochelle Hancock


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