Lamplight Lounge Boardwalk Dining Cocktails are great spring drinks at Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2022

We found a spot in the sun at the Lamplight Lounge Boardwalk and tried the new specialty cocktails now available as part of the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. Keep reading for our review!

Peach-Basil Blue Cocktail – $17

Gin, elderflower liqueur, peach, basil simple syrup, lemon, blue curaçao and fresh basil

It’s a very complex cocktail with layers of flavor that unfold with every sip. The immediate sweetness of the peach comes to the fore before blending into a perfectly present but not overpowering gin spirit note, and finishing with the acidity of lemon and the herbaceousness of basil. This is a great cocktail to sit back and sip in the warm spring sunshine on the balcony overlooking Paradise Bay. Overall we really enjoyed it and would definitely try it again.

Smoked Pineapple Bourbon – $17

Bourbon whiskey, Italian bitter aperitif, honey simple syrup, grilled pineapple and lemon juice

It’s really good, maybe the best cocktail in the whole Food & Wine Festival, but not as good as some of the cocktails available on the permanent menu. It’s softer than you might expect, which is a little disappointing. The bourbon stands out nicely and gives it a real avant-garde spirit, and a subtle hint of pineapple is welcome.

There isn’t much smoke flavor as the title claims, which is a shame because it would really make this sing. All in all, it’s a well crafted cocktail and it’s definitely drinkable but nothing really spectacular.

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