June 11 is National Rosé Day. Celebrate with bottles delivered to your door

June 11, 2022 is national Pink Day. If you plan to celebrate the day in complete relaxation, plan ahead and program Drizly to deliver your good wine at your home or weekend getaway. Drizly has an online service that will deliver liquor, beer, liquor, or wine from local retailers through its mobile app or website.

Drizly is more than just an online alcohol service, Drizly sells and delivers beer, wine, liquor and party Provisions. Discover all kinds of Rosé wines on the Drizly site. Order your favorite rosé wine and have it delivered for a party or just for some alone time. Hosting parties or ordering wine for your own pleasure is more convenient with Drizly’s delivery service. Drizly’s service erases your driving time and saves you money during times of rising gas prices.

Live The fine rosé wine of Drizly and liquor delivery service, as well as its wine history and wine pairing guides for a total drinking experience. Consider purchasing a wine club membership to enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery and other services.

Discover and save on your favorite rosé wines below:

Whisper Angel Rosé, Staff’s Choice, 750.0ml bottle – from $23.99. Whispering Angel is a premium wine, pleasing to the eye and sweet in taste. Known to be nice and you can drink from noon to midnight with a wide range of cuisine.

Rock Angel Rosé, Rosé wine / 14% ABV / Côtes de Provence, Provence, France, 750.0ml bottle – from $35.99. Partially fermented and aged in large oak barrels, this rosé has a more complex and structured taste profile than Whispering Angel, which puts it in a more upmarket domain, offering rosé lovers a bigger and richer wine, fabulous as an aperitif or paired with a wide range of wines. refined cuisine.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Rosé, Rosé wine / 13% ABV / Washington, USA, 750.0ml bottle – from $11.99. The light rosé offers lively aromas of watermelon, raspberry and lemon, along with flavors of wild strawberries, citrus zest and hints of melon that are sweet and savory on the palate with a long crisp finish . With its light body and lively taste, this Colombian wine pairs well with light pasta and rice dishes, grilled fish or a wide range of cheeses.

Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé, Rosé wine / 13% ABV / Languedoc, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 750.0ml bottle – from $17.99 La Côte des Roses celebrates the Mediterranean way of life. qualities thanks to the altitude and the influence of the sea which attenuates the scorching heat of summer. The bottle is original with its rose-shaped bottom, created by a young designer from the Ecole Boulle.

LVE By John Legend Rosé, Vin Rose /12.5% ​​ABV / Côtes de Provence, Provence, France, 750.0ml bottle – from $19.99. Our Rosé Provence 2018 has a brilliant pale pink color, exuding fruitiness and elegance. The grapes from sandstone soil bring out the fruitiness and the grapes grown on vines with rolled pebbles bring richness and elegance to the wine. On the palate, light and crisp notes of freshly picked strawberries and white nectarine lead to an elegant, long and mineral finish.

La Fête du Rosé Rose Wine /12.5% ​​ABV / Côtes de Provence, Provence, France. 750.0 ml bottle – from $24.52, The pastel salmon pink wine asserts itself with charm on the nose with accords of dried fruit, candy and hazelnut. Complex and balanced, this Rosé has a long finish with cherry aromas.

Wölffer Summer in Bottle Long Island Rosé,Rosé wine / 12.8% ABV / New York, USA, 750.0ml bottle from $26.99. This Rosé has a nice balance between fresh fruit, fine tannins, good minerality and graceful acidity. It is the visual and gustatory portrait of the beautiful summer of the Hamptons. Serve chilled, alone or as an addition to almost any food. It is the summer wine par excellence.

La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé, Rosé wine / 13.5% ABV / Monterey, Monterey County, CA, USA, 750.0ml bottle – from $17.99. From selected vineyards in Monterey, California, La Crema’s Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé is a clean, crisp rosé wine with sweet aromas and delicate berry flavors. This rosé wine presents aromas of strawberry, white raspberry and tangerine followed by flavors of cranberry-raspberry. On the palate, the lovely rosé wine is crisp and lively. Accompanies soft cheeses, grilled vegetables and the impossible burger.

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