Hope’s Wings Hosts Fundraiser at Chenault Vineyards | New

For the first time in two years, Hope’s Wings held its “An Evening of Hope” fundraising event.

The event took place at Chenault Vineyard and community members came together to support the program. The event included a Sunny’s BBQ catered dinner, fireworks and a performance by The Dooley Gang. News anchor Kristen Pflum hosted the event.

Since 2006, Hope’s Wings has served Madison County and surrounding areas – providing everything from emergency and transitional housing for victims of domestic violence to community education and counseling. “An Evening of Hope” was canceled the previous two years due to the pandemic, resulting in less than $60,000 in funding from the foundation.

In his opening statement, Pflum questioned whether certain tragedies would have occurred if the resources and support provided by Hope’s Wings had been involved in the situation.

“Would the decision have been different? Would the outcome have been different,” she asked. “So it’s important to know that these resources exist in our communities. That’s why we have to applaud Hope’s Wings again for doing what they do. Domestic violence is not an epidemic, it’s much more. It is a tragedy of epic proportions and it is seeping into the lives of millions of people. Here are some of the statistics that will blow your mind. One in four women and one in nine men are victims of domestic violence. Every nine seconds, a woman is abused by an intimate partner…A third of American children have witnessed violence between their parents.”

Among the Hope’s Wings supporters at the event was Madison County Executive Judge Reagan Taylor.

“It’s amazing,” Taylor said. “It’s an asset to our community to help those who need a safe place…That’s what we’re supposed to do. Support others, especially in times of need, and they (Hope’s Wings) have so many people in the community who cheer them on.”

Preparing for the event was tasked to Hope’s Wings Executive Director, Jennifer Lainhart. However, she said it was a good feeling to bring the event together again.

“I feel good. It’s been a long time since we were able to get together due to COVID-19. So it’s nice to finally be able to hang out with our supporters and have a good time,” Lainhart said. . “I think starting to be able to talk to the people who donate to us is fantastic. Just being able to talk to our community partners because they always come out to support us.”

According to Lainhart, “An Evening of Hope” earned Hope’s Wings approximately $32,000.

For help from Hope’s Wings or to learn more about the program, call 859-623-4095.

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