Hochman: Sommelier can confirm – Blues David Perron really ages like fine wine | Subscriber only


Eight seconds later, Perron pitched in front of the goalie and redirected a teammate’s shot for a goal.

“He’s just not giving up with the pucks – he’s one of the most competitive guys I’ve played with and against,” said Blues defenseman Tory Krug, who played Perron in the final. of the 2019 Cup for Boston. “He wants to play, he wants the puck in the big moments. So if you add to that the high level skills that he has, the puck is going to go in a lot of time. “

Or as rookie Jake Neighbors put it, as only a 19-year-old could, “His puck protection is insane.

Of course, Perron was once a 19-year-old Blues rookie. He then left and came back (and left and came back). But now, at 33, he’s thriving in part thanks to his partner.

Like a good wine, it also goes well with a certain dish.

“Exactly,” Ortmann said. “Combining food and wine is a big part of what I do. Food is a component, wine is a component, but when they are together, it is this third synergy. And that synergy is what I’m constantly looking for. Not like, ‘Yeah, it goes well together, you can drink that with that.’ I’m looking for when these two go together, they lift each other up. It’s like any other magical thing that happens that transcends the two components. It’s him and Ryan O’Reilly.

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