Here’s what happened to the obvious wines after Shark Tank

Since the show, Baillie’s business has diversified to include six carefully selected wines from sustainable family vineyards in California, Chile and France (via Obvious Wines). Wines are easily identified with the numbers one through six and two keywords to distinguish the style of wine within. Instead of wondering if you’re in the Bordeaux or Burgundy mood, you can look at descriptors like dark and bold, bright and crisp, light and crisp, rich and oaky, and simply rosé. In addition, Baillie has already done what is necessary to find cellar wines that enhance their land and their ecological farming techniques (and they are vegans!).

Obvious Wines’ slogan, “Because you shouldn’t need a doctorate to drink wine,” emphasizes the limited content information typically provided on a bottle label. Part of Lori Greiner’s interest in Baillie’s business proposition was the lack of a similar brand image in the market (via Shark Tank Success). Unless you take pleasure in examining bottle labels and studying the characteristics that set each wine apart (which is also good!), A simple approach helps.

The American public is on board and Obvious Wines is currently sold in nearly ten states as well as online according to Start Engine. The source notes that the company achieved more than $ 1.3 million in revenue in 2020 and posted a 50% increase in early 2021.

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