Flower and wine prices rise ahead of Valentine’s Day

Inflationary pressures and supply chain issues are forcing the cost of love to rise this Valentine’s Day – but that might not lead to lower sales.

PINEVILLE, NC — The cost of romance is rising in the Carolinas as inflationary pressures and supply chain issues are courted by demand for chocolates, flowers and wine.

Customers of The Flower Diva, florist in Pineville, will pay about 30% more this year.

The “Flower Diva” herself, Carrie Cassidy-Struble, said patience and kindness were also in short supply.

“We tried for a long time not to raise our prices, but we had to or I wasn’t going to be able to keep my doors open,” Cassidy-Struble said. “Getting glassware was a nightmare, some flowers – some countries closed at different times – there would be a shortage.”

Cassidy-Struble recommends setting a budget and letting the florist create something within it, perhaps the best way to ensure a quality flower gift.

Mark Meissner, owner of Great wine Petit Philippe and Twenty Degree Chocolates near Charlotte’s Park Road Shopping Centre, tells WCNC that they have raised the price of chocolates for the first time in company history.

“Everyone faces inflationary pressures based on ingredients or wines,” Meissner said. “This is the first time we have had a small price increase.”

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Meissner said demand for wines hasn’t slowed with price increases and expects sales to be flat – at least slightly more than in 2021.

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, expect a big shopping crowd at your local stores this weekend.


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