Expensive raw materials: wine, the bill higher but Christmas is safe

Brindisi risks a rise in prices due to the increase in raw materials and energy, which are also affecting the wine sector. The alarm was raised by the Unione Italiana Vini, which maintains that “producers are forced to review their price lists, due to the explosion of price increases, which affect 30% of the finished product”. For the sector, we are talking about an invoice exceeding one billion euros. Listen to the Orobic companies, holiday toasts should however be further increases in the Bergamo area. Producers, wine merchants and distributors do not hide the need to proceed with increases from January, of the order of 10 or 15%, but Christmas and New Year are saved thanks to the vintages already bottled in the cellar.

“The costs which are soaring concern everything, from glass to labels, from boxes to capsules, from transport to electricity – notes Paolo Castelletti, secretary general of the UIV, which represents 85% of Italian wine exports -. The average price, thanks to a low volume harvest, is in several cases + 40% compared to last year, with an additional bill for the sector exceeding one billion euros, to which are added the difficulties of deliveries. To avoid a downward spiral – concludes Castelletti – we ask the government for maximum attention in the years to come on the taxation of labor, energy and fixed costs ”.

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