Expectations of the Grape: French Wine in the Time of the Republic of Texas | Waco today

The families who came to Refugio were handed over to their land after surviving all the hardships. In the contract with Mexico, each empresario had to create its own militia; something they would regret later. War was brewing soon after his arrival, and the Irish settlers were entwined.

Power was elected to serve as an army colonel, leading the Refugio Company through battles, including one with Santa Anna. Refugio had sided with Texas, infuriating the Mexicans.


Power helped craft the Texas Declaration of Independence and signed it in 1836. He also used his influence to elect his friend, Sam Houston, as chief of the Texas Army.

At the convention, the Refugio settlers and a small army of Texas defenders were attacked by the Mexicans, Power’s nephew, Thomas O’Brien, 13, made a daring escape to Goliad to find l ‘aid.

The help needed arrived too late, as in the middle of the night, settlers and defenders escaped to be captured and executed in Goliad. No group other than the Irish suffered so many casualties in the battles, with 29 dead in total.

Power himself had fought in multiple battles, captured by Mexico twice, fought Indians, lost his wife, and ended his career by voting to annex the Republic of Texas as the 28th state of the Union.

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