Cocktail Sugars – Decorate Your Sparkling Cocktail


Talk about going back to the 50s and 60s, these cocktail rims remind me of reel to reel bands and inside is a cocktail maker’s dream, The Salted Rim Co created classic and new flavored rims, from sugar to salt, even including a Bloody Mary and their new Santa Baby rim coming soon.

Today I want to put them to the test, is this new or do they really offer an improved Cocktail experience?

The Salty Rim Co. was founded by husband and wife team David & Victoria, two cocktail lovers, eager to add to the ultimate experience by creating something tasty and entertaining.

Now on to the fun part, I chose two of their rims to experiment with, their bronze powder and their special Santa Baby Sugar, both cocktails consisted of the same Franciacorta, Italian sparkling wine made using the classic (Champagne ) Method, the bronze powder also included Ratafia and the Santa Baby included cherry juice

Bronze dust – The bronze powder complements the Franciacorta very well, as well as the honey flavors coming from the rim, the honey adds extra sweetness to the already sweet Franciacorta, the Ratafia with its plums in syrup and light oak flavors works well when is combined with dusty bronze which has a sweetness, but more at the level of a delicate and expensive treat.

Baby Santa Claus – Cherry juice, sparkling wine and that new Santa Baby sugar rim come together and create a festive mood that reminds me of Christmas, the sparkling cherry juice that already has a sweet flavor, combined with the cane flavor in Santa Baby sugar rim candy, create a great afternoon cocktail to enjoy with family and friends around an open fire that opens gifts.

The flavors of the Sugar Rims worked really well with the cocktails, they imparted new flavors and improved some existing ones, although they have great style points, they also add to the overall tasting experience and for this reason , can’t wait to use them again for future cocktails, I am very happy with the quality of Salted Rim and look forward to what they will deliver in the future.

The Bordure Salée Collection:

# 1 Classic Margarita Cocktail Latte
# 2 Citrus cocktail slice
# 3 Cocktail salt with chili and lime
# 4 Bloody Mary border
# 5 Best Of British Cocktail Sugar
# 6 Mint Sugar Cocktail
# 7 Summer pink cocktail sugar
# 8 Summer blue sugar cocktail
# 9 brazen red cocktail sugar
# 10 Sunshine Yellow Sugar Cocktail
# 11 Bronze cocktail powder
# 12 Santa Baby Sugar Cocktail

Each box contains 100g of sugar, salt or dust and each box also comes with a coaster that you can place your cocktail on, I thought that was a nice touch and a welcome bonus. Each box will set you back £ 9.99 and if you buy 3 or more you get free shipping, for the price.

I’m glad these Salted Rim Sugar, Salt and Dust Rims have come to market, it’s a great business idea to pack unique flavors so you can add that extra touch to your cocktails, each box offers its perfect fit. flavors, they will have 12 flavors available for purchase very soon, and hopefully even more next year, the more flavors they create the better, they have classics like Margarita and Bloody Mary, simple ones like Citrus and Mint that a lot of people will enjoy and some of the creatives like Best Of British and Santa Baby that think outside the box and that’s where I think they can really thrive, the more unique flavors they create, the more I’ll be back to see how I can develop my ingredients for making cocktails.

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