Charmant Vineyards’ 2019 Chardonnay flourishes with Tondré Grapefield grapes

It’s wonderful when new wineries pop up in our area. Charming Vineyards is one of them. Winemaker Eug Theron owns and operates Charmant Vineyards with his wife Julie.

The Therons are originally from South Africa, but left their homeland in 1989 and emigrated to the United States. In 2014, they fell in love with a property high in the hills of Aptos and bought it, naming it Charming. Then in 2017, Eug and Julie took over the lease of the vineyard, agricultural operations and winemaking, eventually bottling their first vintage of Charmant Estate Pinot Noir.

Eug also makes a 2019 Chardonnay ($38) with grapes from the famed Tondré Grapefield in the Santa Lucia Highlands. Considering Eug doesn’t have decades of experience in the business, he produces some excellent wines, including this one. It comes with an abundance of flavors – pome fruits like apple and pear in the foreground – and some aromatic flavors of banana and pineapple.
“Our Chardonnay reflects the fullness and complexity of a year in barrel and is perfect for enjoying while relaxing with friends,” he says.

The Therons have already set up a wine club with the usual member perks, such as free wine tastings for two and member discounts on wine and events.

This charming duo also participates in many wine events, including the next big wine tasting on April 24 at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga.

Charming Vineyards, 800 Larsen Road, Aptos. 831-888-7256; (reservations required).


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