As Germans Call for £ 40 Billion for Brexit, They Forget the UK’s £ 3.620 Billion War Debt Canceled | Politics | New


“It’s hypocritical and shocking.

“As for that decision, there was absolutely no debate about it that I can remember.

“The point is, we are the last generation who can do it all.

“We are the ones who remember our grandparents telling us about the devastation caused by the Germans during the war. Otherwise, it’s too late.

The full text of the written response to follow-up questions from Mr Kawczynski, attributed to Minister of State for Europe and the United States Sir Alan Duncan, reads as follows: “The Treaty on the Final Settlement Concerning Germany has definitively settled the issues arising from World War II between the parties to the treaty, and allowed the united Germany to have full sovereignty over its internal and external affairs.

“The treaty was signed on behalf of the UK by then Foreign Minister Douglas Hurd. German unification was debated in the House at the time and the treaty was tabled in the House for approval under the Ponsonby rule.

Mr. Kawczynski pledged to continue to seek clarification on the reasons for this landmark decision.

The damage done to European countries after World War II was repaired in large part through a financial deal with the Americans known as the Marshall Plan.

Britain did not finish repaying the loans contracted under this until 2006 – 61 years after the end of the war.

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