10 things from season 1 that just keep getting better over time

The popular Schitt Creek, a sleepy little start to a comedy that has grown into a huge sensation, is one of the most frenzy of shows. Throughout his run he was nominated for 178 awards and won 65 thanks to his brilliant cast and film crew.

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Although the series lasted 6 seasons, Season 1 is arguably the best. Viewers meet the Rose family and townspeople, learn about their quirks, and watch the connections they make. Some of the best things in the series have happened throughout Season 1, but audiences are asking for more.


The city sign

Schitt's Creek: The Roses looking at the new Schitt's Creek welcome sign

When he arrives in the city he bought, Johnny Rose takes a tour. He eventually makes his way to the town’s welcome sign, which causes him to stop dead. The sign shows two people at the edge of Schitt’s Creek, but the couple appear to be in a compromising position.

Johnny notices it right away, but no one else in town seemed to be phased by it. To make matters worse, the city’s motto “Where everyone fits” is proudly displayed. The townspeople attempt to allay Johnny’s fears by letting him know that the supposed couple are actually brother and sister. They put up a little sign to make it clear to everyone. The sign stands as the first thing in a long line of different perspectives between the Rose family and townspeople over the seasons.

Alexis middle name

Alexis Rose sitting at Café Tropical

When it comes time for Alexis to do her community service, Moira fills out the form she must have signed to show proof of her presence. Well, she fills out most of the forms. She left Alexis’ middle name blank, and Alexis calls out to her so that she may not know it.

Moira and Johnny begin to list the middle names they think were the ones they gave Alexis – Emma, ​​Anna, Hannah or Elsbeth. Unfortunately, none of them are right. David adds that he didn’t know Alexis had a middle name and wonders if he has one too. Moira begins to wonder if they are bad parents. Later in the season, audiences finally learn that Alexis’s middle name is Claire, but signs that Rose’s parents aren’t really “practical” continue throughout the series.

A department of all trades

Rizwan Manji as Ray Butani in Schitt's Creek

If anyone knows the heart of Schitt’s Creek, it’s Ray Butani. Viewers quickly learn that Ray is the only real estate agent in town. As a real estate agent, Ray shows Johnny the layout of the land, including the town sign. Johnny also gets his help in trying to resell the town, but Ray isn’t very optimistic as the government hasn’t placed much value on him when seizing family assets.

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The public learns that Ray wears several hats. Throughout the show, Ray also works as a photographer, travel agent, Christmas tree vendor, and city council member. He is a little greedy and insulting at times, but where else could city dwellers go for his services? It’s the start of a great racing gag.

Herb Ertlinger vineyard

david and moira drinking wine in the cellar on schitts creek

Johnny is always on the lookout for any kind of business to get the family back on their feet. He gets some interest from a local winery, so he and Moira head to Herb Ertlinger Winery. Once there, they find out that Herb wants Moira to be a spokesperson and shoot commercials.

Herb Ertlinger Winery is a fruit cellar, with descriptions of “oak musk melon chardonnay” and “dazzling apple peach Riesling Rioja”. Moira hates wine but sees it as the only possible chance for a comeback. She puts on her best wig and best haute couture ensemble, but when it comes time for her camera, she just can’t get it right. One of the funniest scenes of the whole show; it ages like a good wine.

David goes to the vet

David Rose advising Ted Mullens at Schitt's Creek

When David realizes he hasn’t slept since moving to Schitt’s Creek, he takes to the internet to get a diagnosis. He reduces the problem to a heart attack or pulmonary embolism and tries to wake Stevie to take her to the emergency room. When he learns that there is no hospital in town, his condition worsens.

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Stevie informs that there is a doctor in town, so she takes him to see Dr. Ted, the handsome local veteran. After an exam, Dr. Ted announces that he will be fine because he had a panic attack. David scoffs at the diagnosis, saying it’s not real but rather an excuse celebrities and agents use. David’s anxiety is apparent throughout the series, along with a case of hypochondria, so this first look is intriguing.

Turkey Neck

David looks shocked as he is dressed in camouflage to hunt a turkey

After David gets scared of a bug in the hotel room, Stevie challenges him to go to Roland’s annual turkey shoot. David reluctantly agrees, not wanting to be outdone by Stevie. Dressed as only David could be, he appears on the set of the turkey, and the group goes hunting.

When David has the chance, he shoots but receives the turkey in the neck instead of the head. Now the group must sit down and wait until the turkey dies, much slower than a bullet to the head would have taken. Of course, Stevie grapples with the fact that she knew what David was like from the start and David no longer feels the need to prove himself to Stevie.

Will you ever seen

Moira and David try to sell makeup

When an unknown package arrives at the motel, Moira is overjoyed to learn that it is an old friend who is trying to improve her financial situation. Moira and David are surprised to find Allez-Vous products, a pyramid of makeup and beauty products. Rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth, Moira hatches a plan.

Moira and David invite all the townspeople over for lunch, pretending they haven’t had time to put all their favorite items away. David, heavily tanned, nonchalantly tries to convey the benefits of the products to the group. When they look for someone to help them sell the products, they find that Allez-Vous has already made its way into town. Just another key to the Rose Money Making plan that lasts throughout the series.

Meet the girls

Moira tries to save her wigs in Schitt's Creek

In Season 1, fans first get to know Moira’s favorite girls, her wigs. As important as Moira’s outfits are to her fashion sense, her wigs complement her ensemble perfectly. She would never leave the house without them.

Early on, viewers learn that Moira’s wigs not only have names, but also their own personalities. When she puts her belongings away during the raid, she barks that they can’t pack Krista and Robin together because they don’t love each other. Later, she wears Maureen, a tribute to Cruella who doesn’t like to be manhandled, to the Schitt Hawaiian party. Moira’s wigs get more and more bizarre over time.

Red against. White

Schitt's Creek vertical

After David and Stevie sleep together, Stevie is confused as she assumed David was gay. She doesn’t know where things are between them but doesn’t really know how to go out and ask. David senses her nervousness and tries to explain things with an analogy.

Although she thought they both liked red wines, David explains that he actually likes red and white wines. He is even known to love red wines that were once white and white wines that were red. And there was the one time he even tried a rose. He likes wine, not the label. It’s a pretty tender moment in an often over-the-top comedy.


Catherine O'Hara as Moira Rose in Schitt's Creek

One of the best parts of the whole series, not just in Season 1, is what Moira says. As far-fetched as she is, it seems others aren’t fazed by her way of speaking. Whether it’s through comments, questions, compliments or teasing, Moira certainly has her own unique way of expressing herself.

Maybe she says she could “kill for a good coma now”. She might tell David to “stop acting like a disgruntled pelican” or that she can’t spend time with him because she is “positively in meetings.” Words are his calling card throughout the show; her precious “baby”.

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