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Credit for Continuing Education

Companies offer training opportunities

Companies offer training opportunities

Success in work can only be achieved by those who do not rest on what they have already achieved, but who always endeavor to expand their knowledge and adapt it to the conditions on the job market. This rather dry saying shows very clearly what professional life is about. If you want to be successful, you must not only dream of success, but also do something for it.

Many companies offer training opportunities, but in most cases they are based on the operational opportunities for further development. So you will hardly find a company that offers you to attend a master school, so that in the end you can make a career in another company with your newly acquired knowledge. If you continue your education with the support of a company, this will in return require you to remain loyal to the company after further training.

However, this is not enough for many workers. They want to decide for themselves where their qualifications are going and therefore strive for further training that takes place in the private area and alongside the actual work. Distance learning in particular is very popular as a further training measure and is now offered for many study areas.

Unfortunately, studying or other advanced training is not cheap. Especially if the training takes several months or even years, costs of several thousand USD can be incurred. Anyone who does not have the money and does not want to forego further training must take out a loan for the further training.

You have two options

You have two options

With a loan for continuing education, you have two options that can be followed. However, it depends on whether you do the training part-time, i.e. without leaving the job, or whether you let your work rest so that you can concentrate completely on the training.

If you continue your education alongside your daily work, you will earn a regular income, which should make it very easy for you to take out a loan for further training. Because with a fixed and relatively high income, you can simply take out an installment loan in which all costs for further training can be anchored. These can then be repaid to the bank in small installments and for a desired period of time. Before taking out a loan for further training in the form of an installment loan, we recommend a comparison on the Internet that shows you the best loan offers and makes it much easier to take out the loan.

However, if you do not continue to train part-time, but rather leave your job aside during further training, then unfortunately no installment loan can be taken out. Because the income as security will then disappear and no bank will approve a loan. In such a case, you have the option of having another person take out the loan. For example, your life partner or a close relative. Or you can inquire about government support.

If you have been unemployed for a long time and can only return to work with the help of further training, the employment office may help you with the financing. Or you can inquire about Bafög or other financial benefits that students in our country can use.